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Why Extra-Curricular Activities Are So Important?

“When Learning is Fun – Children like to do it.”

Comprehensive education aims to ensure proper development of all aspect of development and growth among the students. Therefore, the curriculum is divided into two major categories – curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The curricular is based on the syllabus that is taught to the students while the extra or co-curricular activities are different games, art, soft skills and other related activities which aid the learning.

Usually, the schools devise a comprehensive program of learning based on curricular and extra-curricular activities. It provides the facility to enrich the education with mind stimulating tasks to enhance leaning experience of the children.


Co-Curricular Activities

Actually, these activities provide a support to the syllabus to be taught in the school. Creativity and excitement are the two main attributes of, extra-curricular activities.

The American school in Sharjah maintains a separate department of extracurricular activities management. The department is responsible for ensuring timely integration of small and large activities to aid education.

This is done with the help of arranging the following activities.

        Sports & Games

Various games are conducted to improve physical abilities of the students. These games include Badminton, Football, Basketball, Futsal, Swimming and many more.

        Creativity through Arts & Culture

Children have their own interests and habits; they may not perform excitedly in physical activities but have more inclination towards abstract ideas and drawing. Other skills may include acting and poetry writing, etc.

Therefore, schools usually conducted the activities through art club, language club, dance and drama associations and photography to assist students in getting expertise in their favorite activity.

        Health & Fitness

Athletic activities come under the subject of health and fitness. Further, yoga, meditation, dancing and health consciousness is to help the students in maintaining their good health.

        Leadership Nurturing

Soft skills are essential to be learned for better productivity. Time management, problem resolving, team management and leading groups are considered the best qualities of a leader.

Schools are intended to enhance management and leadership skills through different activities such as seminars, discussions, conduction of group activities, etc.

Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities in Learning

The importance of extra-curricular activities cannot be denied. The activities improve personal abilities of the students to become sound personalities. 

There are many benefits of co-curricular activities as given below:

Mental Growth

Education requires the students to be mentally strong to comprehend complex concepts of different subjects.  An in-depth understanding of the complex problems can be nurtured through different physical and mental activities.

Therefore, extra-curricular activities are designed in a way that enhances students’ innate abilities to a level of proficiency.

Professional Growth and Skills Training

Learning at American schools in Sharjah mainly focuses to groom children both physically and psychologically. Therefore, extra-curricular activities are designed in a way that offers maximum professional growth opportunities.

It goes without doubt that co-curricular activities help in nurturing management skills. The activities encourage the students to stand ahead in the field of public speaking and team building. It leads to the professional growth of the children.

Social Interaction and Networking

Extra-curricular projects are designed to enhance cooperation and coordination. The fun activities help the students to make friendly relations with other students. It leads them to get into social networking.

 Generally, educational institutions are considered a shadow of real societies which train the students to live with others in a social harmony.

Effective Management of Time

It is imperative to note that additional activities along with study helps in managing the time in a better way. The students who are going tough study already, but have to take part in extra-curricular activities do effective time management. 

It encourages them to optimize their life activities in order to manage everything in a proper manner. So, they don’t waste their time and are not lazy.

Interests Exploration

Extra-curricular tasks and activities can help the students to understand their interests and hobbies. It helps them to explore the various fields of academic context and sports.

Every school offers a wide range of activities to all the students; they can explore different spheres to get a proper understanding of the latest trends and emerging interests.

It is not only useful for understanding their strengths but also helps to nurture a taste for athletic performance or smart skills.

Concluding Remarks

Sports and games have been always thought to be extra in educational institutions. However, people have realized the importance of extra-curricular activities and integrated it as co-curricular.

Co-curricular programs and activities are extremely important similar to academic. They both are considered crucial factors in the education and comprehensive training of the students.

American schools in Sharjah host many co-curricular activities as a part of its academic years in order to strike a balance between education and training.

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