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Why Is American Curriculum The Best Choice For Your Child

Why Is American Curriculum The Best Choice For Your Child

If you’re even a tad bit familiar with the schooling system in UAE, you’d know how daunting of a task it is to settle for one. With a selection of 16 different curricula, the education system in UAE is as complex as it gets. Out of these, one leading option is American Curriculum.

In this article, that is the option we’ll be focusing on. What exactly is an American curriculum? Why you should opt for American curriculum schools in Sharjah? What makes these schools a better choice?

To find out the answers, we plead you to read on:

What is an American Curriculum?

US National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) reported the Common Core State Standards Initiative with the help of instructors and educators across the country in 2009.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a US instructive activity that subtle elements what K-12 understudies should know in English Language, Arts and Literacy, Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects and Mathematics toward the end of each review. The activity endeavors to build up steady instruction gauges overall US states, and additionally guarantee that understudies moving on from secondary school are set up to enter credit-bearing courses at two or four-year school programs or to enter the workforce.

Why you should opt for American curriculum schools?

In the majority of American curriculum schools, the teaching standards maintained are of an outstanding level. Almost all these schools also comply with Ministry of Education (UAE)’s requirement of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language.

The American curriculum offers a wider range of subject options than other curriculums. The curriculum often also includes societal issues like alcohol and drug abuse prevention, physical fitness programs, and stress-related issues.

Based on a system known as K-12, the schools start with kindergarten at age five and progress towards high school diploma at grade 12 (age 17-18). This diploma makes the student eligible for admission at almost all colleges and universities.

  • Kindergarten usually takes the play-based learning approach. Children are introduced to phonetics and sounds, shapes and drawings, coloring and alphabets.
  • The elementary school level comprises of grades 1-5, where the curriculum broadens to include history and languages. The focus is on building the foundation and introduction to newer aspects.
  • The middle school starts from grade 6-8 with students ageing 11-14. The curriculum comprises of mandatory subjects with an option to select elective programs such as music, art or drama.
  •  The high school level (grade 9-12) prepares the children for the college. The emphasis is on core subjects and priority is given to the academic aspect rather than vocational training.

The students through the high school have the option to select the level of advancement of the subject they’re learning. It can be basic, honorary, or advanced. The students are also generally required to take the SAT exam in grade 11. The test results majorly affect the process of university admissions in most international universities.

 What makes these schools a better choice?

A curriculum does not simply consist of textbooks and courses; it also includes teaching strategies and assessment approaches. There’s a lot more to consider when selecting a school. A beautiful campus and raving reviews aren’t the only things one can prioritize. Parents need to develop a deeper understanding of what truly makes a schooling experience unique for their child.

The common themes and practices of an American curriculum prepare individuals for entrance into any college or university. The core curriculum system emphasizes on exposing the student to as many subjects as possible to enhance their brain development. It also provides students more of an insight on what they can truly excel in.

Among the reasons that make American curriculum schools in Sharjah the best choice for your child, is its focus on creativity and social interaction. Letting the students chose their electives and clubs, it lets the child connect with more like-minded individuals. The social interaction builds up their confidence.

It offers a wide-range of courses, designed to challenge the students to ascertain their aptitudes and work towards enhancing them. The courses get more rigorous as they progress through years, truly polishing a child’s cognitive skills.

The American Curriculum schools truly prepare your child for the world after high-school, be it for college admissions or a world in the employment sector. It readies your child for what’s to come rather than what is!

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